Saturday, 28 July 2012

Scrap The Boys July Challenge:-

Title:- IZAAK
This is my grandson Izaak, The first photo is Izaak on the day that they had their school photo's taken, hamsome devil he is, the second photo shows him building blocks into something in the class room. The three little one's show him on the monkey bars, this was because I was dropping him off at school, and he wanted to show me how he does it, and I think to show off which was fine with me. While he was showing me I was telling how I used to come out at little recess and do the same thing, even would you believe it at the same school. The last photo's show Izaak doing his homework and that homework was marked by his teacher the next day. Izaak loves school especially reaading, the computers and the maths programme he does in the class and at home. He is one clever boy and we love him very much and are proud of him.

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  1. This is such a great layout!! Great job including so many photos :0)