Friday, 31 July 2015

Scrap the girls july challenge
Title Five for Kids
Here I am at a charity fundraiser for our local hospital children's ward.
In this photo I was strutting my stuff on the catwalk. For my effort I received a bottle of bubbly and a mention on the radio the next day, which I didn't know about until several people asked me "did you go out last night:. I couldn't stop laughing it was so funny. As I work at the hospital and I think I'm the only jean they knew.
This even was held on the night that the local dogs were running. So during the night a little tipsy I decided to take a charity tin and walk around the venue asking the patrons to give for the kids, I think I raise about $40 is was for a very good cause.  There was free taro card readings and also a free photo booth, as you can see my journal tag is rather different. lol my two girl-friends and I made good use of this booth.
A good night all around and money going to a very worthy cause.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Scrap the Boys
Title: Come Dream like there's no tomorrow
This is my grandson using my camera to make short stop movies, Izaak has been doing this since he was five. He actually showed me how my camera worked and how to use the movie button and how to edit the photo's. He is one clever boy, its not the first camera he has shown me how to use.
 I have used photo on photo to give a sliding effect, funny it was nearly the same photo only in the small one Izaak's arm is down great effect though.
I love the colours of the mood board and have used chipboard cogs and birds on a wire, along with flowers, leaves and ribbons.
Show us Your stuff
Title: About a girl
This is a photo taken on  my sister Alice's wedding day.
One of the tradition was that we all three wore than same wedding dress. The first was my sister heather standing next to Alice, Alice then me. The dress was also worn by a niece, a sister to Johnny who was heathers husband. Each of us girl gave a present to the bridesmaids. Alice gave us the gold necklace we were wearing and I gave them a multi-colour umbrella at my wedding. We all wore something old that belong too our nanna Gillespie, something new was a lucky horseshoe or wedding bells that you carried with your bouquet, something blue was a garter with a blue ribbon.
I have hand written the journal as you can see within the frame of the picture.

Friday, 3 July 2015

CSI case 166
Title: Snapshots
This is my daughter Jackie and this is but a snapshot of her life. These were taken at school photo days. The small black and white one was taken at Foon's in Wonthaggi, it was a family photo session.
The white piece of paper is the notification of Jacqueline's birth, it notes her name and where she was bone and the date.
I have journaled all around the outside of the page, detailing several events which she use to enjoy, the afternoon tea's on the porch with friends, the scone's, jam and cream along with the tea cups and saucers that I use to set up for them.
Also, the walks on the beach with the family and our dog at the time Bennie. We use to also have fish and chips on the foreshore. good memories were made and every now and them the memory of those afternoon tea's get relived. good times
The elements I used were stamped butterflies, scalloped lace and ribbon, along with flowers, leaves and a material butterfly.  I used for the architectural element was the locks and key, (thinking outside the box on that one.)