Friday, 31 August 2012

tcr palette #125
what a beauty
This is my big sister Alice. This was taken when Allie got her "P" plates, and was showing off her modelling style, first at home on the family station and the at our church. The last photo was taken at her nurses room at the nurses home at the W.G. hospital; very sexy. Funny thing is most of us kids, learnt how to drive over the same road from Wonthaggi to Warragul. Even our own kids learnt on the same road, another family tradition. Alice is a very safe driver and is beautiful on the inside and out. (family joke I always say i'm the better looking and this always gets a laugh and some ribbing.)
ahh families.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Scrap the Girls - august challenge
Title: She's a Star
This is my grand-daughter Hana learning to play her trumpet. This is her practicing at home. To us she is STAR. Hana loves to play the catch the fly game with her music teacher. My goodness when I first saw her with it I didn't think that she could play it, but she can good job Hana.
I have used glimmermist , stickles and demmision magic on the stars, as well as distressing around the edge of the lo.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Scrap the boys
"let's build something"
This is my grandsons artwork, its his monster robot, his hands are made of an egg flipper and a circular saw for the other, He has a cog for his heart. He has weapons in his tummy. As with the photo Izaak loves to build these leggo men. This is optimus prime. Izaak loves to play challanging games on the computer as well. He especially loves tranformers games.
I have been use monster stickers and I have  made a layered robot next to his picture. 

Friday, 24 August 2012

challenge inc. -  beccs july challenge
2 Very Unique Boys
This is Ethan and Izaak, they are totally opposite in personalities, Ethan is very shy and quiet whereas Izaak is out there and sometimes loud. They are Sons, brothers and grandsons, but together they are 2 very unique boys.

Friday, 10 August 2012

TCR Palette #123
title:- SWEET
This is my grandson aaron we had just woken up after taking a little nanny's nap.
He is such a good baby boy and was very sweet. I am looking after him while his mum does her placement, I take them all to kindy and school then home with the little man. We set the alarm so that we go to pick them all up again, We had a very busy first day, kindy, school. doctor's and then the chemist.
After all this running around we went home again for the night.

TCR Pallete #121
title :- Memories of YOU
I'll be bak later to tell this story

Csi no.31
This is my grandson Izaak doing his swimming lesson, he was learning how to float.  He is wearing his bright yellow vest to help see him in the water and to float. When he was having some free time in the pool he was showing me how he could relax float. That's him in the bright green top, that's so you can see him in the water as well.  His lesson was on how to float safely, glad to say he passed this class. I have repeated the elements of the cupcakes, umbrella's and the work floating. The ribbons represent the fence. I so love watching Izaak swimming his very good at it. well done grandson.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

csi no. 30
All Aboard

This is what we called a mystery weekend away, I would tell the girls that they had to be in the ccar and ready to go by 8am. They were always ready, we didn't know where we would end up,I would just drive until we got somewhere. This trip we ended up in the Dandenongs, around the Healswville area. While staying at a motel we would head out for the day and explore, we went to see t
Puffin Billy and the Healsville  santuary. We even went to a chinese restuarant for tea, the girls were 10 & 9 years old. So this was an adventure for them. We went to little tea houses for scone's and tea.  We did this mystery weekend every couple of months.
I have put child embellishments that respresents kids movies, or shows, there is:- Fireman Pete, little charlie bear, hogwarts, over the hedge, Madagaskar and  a bugs life. I have also put something on the lo can you guess which movie its meant to be, hint:-stone age??

I just like to say thank you to molly this paper was just right.

the answer the flintstones, it wilma's necklace.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Tcr Palette #121
title:- Play like there's no tomorrow
This is my daughter vanessa on the day that we went to an adventure park in Victoria, we were on holidays at there nanny gillepie's.We were living in Sydney at the time and we didn't get down the nanny's very often. It was a really great day as ness was quite taken with the water boats while her sister jackie liked the doggam cars. The weather was just right a bit overcast with a touch on sun. The girls ate hotdogs, icreams and lollies, we also packed a pinic lunch chicken with salad stuff. After which the girls just ran around like nuts, they couldn't do enough. Thank goodness they fell asleep in the car with minutes of us leaving the park as the sugar overload would have kicked in about then. They had a great day and fun memories, well we have the photo's to prove it.