Saturday, 30 April 2016

Scrap the Boys April Challenge

Title:- My Dad,, My Star

This was a hard challenge, but here is my niece Tina's husband Scott and their three boys Hayden, Aiden and Adam.

Scott is a big part of the boys lives, teaching how to fish, going out on the family boat, hunting deer, but nothing goes to waste as it all gets brought home and put in the freezer, and how to shoot a gun. The boys are taught how to look after their guns, how to maintain them as well, its not left up to dad.
The boys summer is taken up with playing cricket which Scott coaches their team as well. 
But they have done a great job, as two of the boys are in the army cadets and army reserve.
They are not just father and sons, they are mates too.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Scrap the girls- april challenge
Title:- Loves to Read

This is my daughter Jackie at the age 0f 7-8 years, her school was having a dressup as a character of a book day. From an early age Jackie loved to read, anything and everything. She dressed up as a princess, in the photo it shows her with the book divider she got for reading so many books.

Even today, Jackie loves buying and reading books. Now, she found a site where young college students upload there books for people to read and give feed back. Jackie says she has two or three young people whom she follows and raves how talented and amazing they are at writing.  So far she has read over 50 plus books online, that was within the first two weeks of finding this site.

I love this soft colour palatte, I have made a hand made flower at the bottom in the corner, bows using ribbons. Also, a handmade ballerina and hearts and stickles on the wooden letters used for the title.