Saturday, 19 March 2016

Scrap the Girls- February Challenge

 Title:- Together, Create, Cherish, Journey, LOVE

 This is what happens when you visit your daughter and grandbabies, and you fall asleep in your grand-daughters bed.
For the times you get asked a question when your half asleep and you cant remember saying sure no worries. This was one of those times, my grand-daughter wanted to do my makeup, this was the result. Don't I look beautiful.
I was late getting this up, but love make the gold metal flowers, stickles and ribbons.  
Scrap the Girls- March challenge

Title: I'm a big girl now

This is my daughter ness when she was 2 1/2 years old, notice she has no shoes on, she was forever taking them off and stripping as well. We use to call her Vanessa the

Ness loves lots of things, the colour purple, her Big Ted, she's had him since she was born. Loves smelly candles and dolphins in all shape and sizes,  and her purple bike as well.
In the picture you will see several teapots, as one of their happy memories was coming home from kinder and school I would have setup for afternoon tea on the porch. They would then go a get a little girlfriend and come back, I would serve them scones, jam and cream, with tea (hot chocolate) in a real teacup set.
Sometimes I would ask them to dress-up and I would pretend I was their waiter as if they were coming into a restaurant.

The best part was I could just hose down the porch and our dog Tara would finish off anything that was left.

I have use handmade cut outs of the teddy and dolphin, as wall as several handmade flowers. Bling and stickles on the flowers. Other things on the page hold a special meaning to Ness. The key to a heart (mine/dad's) and the metal bike.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Scrap The Boys March Challenge

Title: My First School Photo

This is my grandson Izaak, this is his first school photo at high school. Handsome devil, he has found new friends, new way of doing homework on-line.
But he is still a caring and loving kid.

He has grown over the last few months, becoming more independent, with getting a mobil phone and riding to and from home.

High school is allowing him to grow, but still be himself. I am very proud of the young man he has become and is going to become.
Love you Izaak to the moon and stars beyond.

I have handmade the flags at the top and the stars around his photo. Also, and Image from the five nights of Freddie films that he loves, and well as thing that are used in school.