Tuesday, 26 November 2013

TCR Palette #164
These are photo's of my little angel in heaven Miss Bettie, these were taken after she passed away in hospital on the 1st of June 2013. The amazing Heartfelt organisation sent a special person out to take these, its a non-profit organisation. They dressed her, changed her positions and some were black and white others were coloured, through all that time with her they treated her with love and gentleness.

The one with the hat, is what Bettie was wearing when the nurse brought her to me for a cuddle so this is very dear and special to me. I cuddled Bettie for over an hour or more and sat with her and my other grandson for what seemed like ages until I knew what was happening with my daughter.
It was both a happy and sad night. But these and all the other photo's of Bettie will remind me that I have 3 grandchildren and I special angel.
I have used impasto paste with paint added to it and a template to give texture to the flowers, I have used paper punches and weaved and small paper square of the colours that were in Bettie's hat that night. These are the colours for this challenge
I have also used stamping and stickles.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

tcr palette $163
- Santa was Here
This is my two daughters Jackie and Ness in their kindergartens Christmas play when we lived at Voyager Point ,Sydney, they were all dressed as angles and they sang Christmas carols. This was the last year for Jackie as she was off to big school the next year, you can just see her, she's the one standing nearest to the green flower petal. Ness was the second person on her right.  This was a tradition as is having a real Christmas tree and going around xmas eve to see all the Christmas lights, we do this with my daughter Jackie and her 3 children, Izaak, Hana and Aaron, we have done this since they were babies. Aunty ness and I usually go around the night before so that she doesn't miss out either. Sometimes, one of the kids would come with us, its such a joy to see their faces and listen to which lights and houses are the best. These are our family tradition.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

- scrap the boys November challenge -
Title: Gone Fishing
This is my niece's husband scott,, his favourite thing is his new motor boat, he has taken it out heaps since he has got it. Mind you it took two weeks before he got it and didn't we all hear about it on face book, the pictures the specs of the boat, more pictures. Think he should have told his wife he bought it thought before putting it on face, as she was away at the time.
Look at the fishes he has caught, snappers huge one's, then there's the gummy sharks and crayfish. This is his best mate at the moment, so jealous . Scott usually goes out with his 3 boys, dad and best friend. Bet he enjoys just driving his boat around, this is his best friend at the moment.

Monday, 4 November 2013

TCR Palette #162
Title:; ALL GIRL
This is my daughter Jackie's best friend Shannon, we love her. She often changes the colour of her hair, sometimes blue, sometimes pink but, purple is her colour. Often when i'm visiting Jackie we would meet up with Shannon and go to our favourite coffee shop, for scones and bugs and of course hot chocolate and capuccino's.  Notice the cup its coffee. Shannon is very special to us, we just love her and her band of merry men and little princess.
After I completed this layout Shannon told me that she loves butterflies, I truly did not no this when I used the white one in the corner.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

tcr palette #161

This is my grand-daughter Hana, the main photo was taken on the day of school photo's 2013, she is a beauty, just love her smile. Hana likes all sorts of animals, Jackie lizards, butterflies and bugs and I have used these for the embellishments. I have also used ribbons and hair ties and flowers as well these are things that Hana puts in her hair and she just loves to pick flowers and give them to her mum..
The other two photo's are of Hana the day she got student of the week, this was only a couple of weeks ago. Her mum Jackie was so proud of her that she posted it on facebook.
Good Job Hana it was well deserved she worked very hard on her work in the class room.
I have stamped a clock, used paint with a stensil for around the edges and used stickles and glimmer mists as well

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Show Us Your Stuff  Octobeer Challenge
Title:- Family Memories
The day was of my sister Alice's Surprise 60th Birthday party. Her daughter in law through a surprise birthday for her, she didn't know that her family and friends had gathered at their house. When she walked in we were each pointed at and we only said a few words that we knew Alice would guess who we were. 
She was so surprised as she was blindfolded until she came into the house, Alice didnt know where she was, it was a scream to see her reaction when she took off the blindfold. To say she was shocked was an understatement.
Our daughters always get a photo of us sister's together, the joke between them is they always get us with wine glasses in our hands or in front of us on the bench. 

I have used a sunburst star and arrow to point to us sisters, The multiple photo's is of us sisters at Alice's surprise 60th birthday party.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Title : Sugar and spice and all things nice

I love my grand-daughter Hana, she is such a character, here are just some of her different faces, the top one showing her with her Miss thing face, fluffing her hair to look just right. The next one is with her having a girlfriends day with me her nan and having a face masks, doing our nails and we talk alot of girl stuff together. There is lots of silly talk and laughter, we sometimes try and get others to join in, Ah, good times.
The last one was last Easter, Hana used the egg cover that her Easter egg came in to make these outrageous glasses, more like bug eye's, very funny stuff.
 As the title says sugar and spice and all things nice, this describes my grand-daughter to a tee.
 Love you Hana

Saturday, 12 October 2013

scrap the boys october challenge
Title:- Boy with Attitude
This is my grandson Aaron and this is the bear outfit that his dad put him in to come home, As you can see he has very red cheeks, he was running a fever and all he wanted was his bottle. You can't see but he was leaning against the chair with his ankles crossed, he was not a happy camper. Just after this photo was taken, we found aaron alseep in his bed with his bottle right next to him. He look so cute in this outfit.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

TCR Palette #159
Title:-Without Question
These masks are without question amazing, they were created by my grand-daughter Hana, and a young family friend Seth.
Their day started out with them and their brothers going off to the movies with Hana's mum and aunty ness to see the movie the Krugs.
After which they all came home to Jackies for an afternoon of playing together, some on the computer, other times just to drift off and watch the cartoon channel on foxtel. There was not a single fight between them at all. They all had a great day. We ate popcorn and listen to some music and it was great.

Friday, 26 July 2013

scrap the boys july challenge
- judo-
I used used the black and white effect with the fussy cutting of the photo's of my grand-son doing his judo moves. The often have competitions and the earn a new belt with each challenge. Izaak loved doing his judo, it taught him to calm himself down when angry and I think he looked awesome in his chi outfit.

csi case no.80.
grins and giggles
This is my csi case no. 80 challenge Here are my daughter vanessa and I having lunch with my girlfriends, diane g., marg.s janine b. robyn m. We all try to get togther for lunch just to catch up and have fun, there is always lots of laughter and kidding going on. The four most important things are: Laughter, fun, friendship and loyatly.
I have used leaf ribbon under the flowers, chipboard flourishes, and pinwheel to tell my story of the day. Stickles, see though element is the butterfly and flower and a metal phone and key to represent our friendship. These are the most important people in my life other than close family, cause they are my other family.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Well this is my first scrap page i've done in a couple of months, what with moving my daughter and myself into a new home, then moving my daughter and her three children into a new home. Then loosing my newest grnaddaughter within half an hour of her being born, I can say that the last three or four months has been rough. But after scrapping a page of Bettie, I got the urge to start scrapping again. This picture is of my two daughters swimming in their pool at home, they love the water. While their dad was in the navy, we would mark on the atlas where the ship was sailing, and all the places that he visited while he was away. They found this fun, so when we got a letter from him, we would mark it on the map. I have used the bubble effect for the photo's to represent the the cushions in the picture. A map of the world, the bird element was the pirate owl, and the fish element, was the orca whale. I have journalled on a scroll to represent a treasure map. This is my challenge.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Sunday, 10 March 2013

csi no.61 Title - Mum's Family This is my mum's family, her brother Chas, who lived in perth with his wife aunty minnie, niece louise, my aunty anne's daughter and her mum Nanna Wills. Who lived with my aunty annie until her death. I use to love the stories she would tell, i would keep then as my memory of her, i certainly do not miss the clip across the ears if i was cheeky,from her. I would always know where she was, in case i slipped up and give cheeek to my mum. Sadly Louise later died of cancer and aunty annie nursed her for the last few months of her life. We use to say that mum and aunty annie were twins, even though they weren't, because they look so mcuk alike. This is a tribute to them all. My Mum's Family

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Scrap the Girls - March challenge --Title-- Scrapbook Retreat Here we are having a face mask, me Di and Felicity. Di and I went into cowes and found their local market, i found the face masks and decided to buy so ness can put it on us. This happened on the second day of our scrapbook retreat, we stayed on Phillip Island.We each get a list before hand to tell us what to bring, we share the cost of milk and coffee. During our stay there, we go op shopping, garage hunting and on the last day we go to the Purple Hen winery and enjoy a glass of wine and snacks. After this we all head back to the house and finish off any layouts, then we have a show and tell. Once everyone is done we start to pack up our cars to head for home. We always stay and help clean up the house then we all go our own way. I have used all the colours and a hand made element is the row of beads around the buttons, fidderly.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

csi no. 57 Day of The Tallships
This is my mum and brother john with my nephew john anthony who is not in the photo,on holiday in Sdyney. We were living in Voyager Point, N.,S.W. While they were here the tallships sailed into Sydney Harbour, we were there to see them sail in. Then on the day that they sailed out of Sydney we got up early 5.30am, packed a pinic lunch drinks and snacks, we then all got into our station wagon and drove to H.M.A.S Watson, the naval base on the heads of Sydney Harour. When there we selected a spot near the fence with a bit of shade. Then my day was taken up with making sure that my family were fed, hydrated and my two little girls had a sleep or two. Then after we watched the last of the sailboats sail out of the harbour, we waited for another hour or two then packing everyone back into the station wagon and heading home again. Everyone had a great day something we will never see again in our lifetime. The year was about 1985.

Friday, 8 February 2013

These are my three grandchildren,Izaak,Hana & Aaron. I love them very much, they are the love of my life other than my two daughters. I was in the room for the birth of my two older grand-babies,but jackie went to theatre to have aaron. I just love what my grand babies do next and what they say, "outta of the mouth of babes". This is so true.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Csi No.56 Just Hanging around
This is my little grandson Aaron playing in the front garden. He just loves being outside with his siblings. I have used lots of little pictures of him, and i have used them in a hanging design. I have woven a busket out of ribbons and used string to attach them to an umbrella.I have used stickles around the large photo. I have doodle a flower in the upper corner,I have used string and a flower to surround the journalling.
These are my two grandsons, Izaak would often get Aaron out of his cot when he wakes up. He then carries him into the lounge and put him on the floor. Aaron often crawls into the room where his brother or sister are playing. He may not stay there, but he comes and goes. Aaron loves playing the play station with his brother, the connection is not plugged in, but that dosn't worry him. Here they are being very cheeky, with a thumbs up sign from Izaak and a high five from Aaron. His just learnt how to do this,clever boy. I have got things on the page that both boys love, a teddy bear, cars, soccer ball and a spider. On the tags i've written what each boys loves the most. i love my grandsons.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Color room #142 Thinking of you
This is my favourite brother in law Johnny, who was taken suddenly six months ago. We miss him very much, he touched alot of lives. His sons jock and matty learnt alot from him about cars and other things. He was quiet but he had a wicked sense of humour. He drove a donmix truck for a living until he retired, he love flowers and enjoyued He loved his family very much.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Show us Your Stuff January Challenege : ITS A GIRL THING
This is my daughter vanessa having a go at the Xmas pinatar. All the kindy kids were there with their family and frineds,. The xmas partywhen this was taken. There was truck rides, face painting lots of food and drinks. There was even a spit the dummy completion, even the dad's had a go at this, the kids thought it was hilarous. But the person who got the biggest chear was when santa arrive but an army truck. The year 1989

Saturday, 19 January 2013

CSI no. 54 Title: Dare2Dream
This is my granddaghter hana and her mum Jackie. Hana is getting her ballet shoe's tied, she is also stretching and warming up her muscles. One of the songs that they danced to was Dancing Queen by ABBA, it was so much fun watching the 3/4 year olds strutt their stuff. They have fun and so did we parents and grandparents watching them. Hana did dance for a year, she wanted to be a ballerina.

Monday, 14 January 2013

TCR Palette #141 - Sweet Memories. This is my sweet lillte grandson Aaron, and his really trying to work out how hsi marriotte puppert works, pull this string and it waves, pull another and it bends backwards, he found this really funny. It kept him busy for hours. god love him and so do we. His now 9 months and one tooth later.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

CSI NO, 52
TITLE; angels with attitude
This is Ness and Jackie at their kindergarten christmas play, I have created them as baubles, decorated with paint, eyelets and twine. Behind each one is a newspaper item about christmas.
Each tag is numbered, 2 for my two little angels, 3 for the songs they sang and four is the age ness was when this took place. This was their last year together. This was  a christmas celebration they wouldnt forget, ness was growing up in her little red and white outfit. And Jackie she was my little angel.  The year was 1990.