Thursday, 23 February 2012

this is csi no.7 - blushing bride

This is alice on her wedding day, my oldest sister heather is the bridesmaid and was I. The dress is a family tradition all three of us have worn it. Our brother david walked us down the isle, we all got a new necklace.  We had a beautiful day, her pictures were taken with our nanna wills, she was in the Wonthaggi Hospital at the time. I have used prima flowers bling and metal hearts on the dark flower and a horseshoe. The journalling was held by in a pick pocket and a thumbs up sign in the corner ment its okay

Sunday, 19 February 2012

This is scrap the boys february challenge

This is my brother John Gillespie. As you can see he is the no.1 fan of the Saint Kilda football
club. John would always listen every saturday, he never missed listening to his team game ever.
Scream, laugh or cry he wore the colours always, he even met two of the players at a met the team
football camp. He talked about it forever.  This is to honor my brother john's memory.

I have used the sketch layout

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

csi no 6 - spring garden

this is my mum in her garden, digging it up. Behind the plum tree is the top of anantenna you can just see it. the apron ive sprayed with glimmermist jac o'lantern and use prima flowers one with a bell and a key on them.  just take a look around to see what you can

Monday, 13 February 2012

broken arm
- challenge heaven-  beccis challenge
this was when jackie broke her arm at school playing sports.
she was at Maroubra public school all the kids in her class signed that cast.
i still have that cast it sits in my china cabinet and every now and than i have a chuckle just remembering that day. Her dad had just sailed out for three months. Her aunty bev came and sat with me while she had her operation at the Prince of Wales Children's Hospital.

to the moon

this is izaaks obsession at the moment, building lego transformers, kre-o-nation models
this one he did within 5 hours, he just built one in three hours.
this is his favourite at the moment, his bumblebee. the little people are kre-o-nation models

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

this is a picture of my granddaughter Hana warning up before her ballet lesson. I have used chipboard gates and the word forever. The title love is that i will love her forever, just the way she is. I have also used lots of varying shades of turquoise flowers, with a touch of lace. The white swirls are also chipboard.
this is the feburary challenge for scrap the girls

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

csi case file no.5.
well i have finished a csi challenge for this week and here it is, it was the right photo for the colour scheme. This is about my big brother james.. noticed i used my  ciricut, i hope that;s ok o well its done.

Friday, 3 February 2012

 have been busy over the last couple of days doing lots of challenges and here they are:-

this is nurse ness challenge for challenge heaven
shiralees jan

this is january challenge for csi

                                                   this was the second csi challenge