Thursday, 26 November 2015

Scrap the Girls
Title:- Genuine friend

This is one of my very good friends Robyn, we work together and go out to lunch sometimes.

Often all our friends join us and we catch up with all the gossip and grip about other things. There is always lots of laughing going on, good times.

Every time Robyn has gone oversea's on holidays she often brings back presents for us, just little trinkets.
But most of the time mine have been scarves, the last one was from Paris, its beautiful, the word paris was all over it in creams and dark brown.
I value robyn's friendship very much.
I have use hand made dollie and  flowers, also, across the page on the flowers I have used matching stickles as well.

Scrap the Boys
Title:- His smile says it all
What can I say these are our birthday photo's of my grandson Aaron.
We just know that every time its birthday cake time, that Aaron would do one of two things,
1. He would eat it with his hands, don't worry about the mess,
2. He would face plant his face in his cake, which would make us all groan and laugh.
the last two cakes were made by my daughter Jackie, the first computer keyboard was made by my nephews wife and he made the mouse, which as you can see he loved eating.
The others were green and yellow leggo blocks, and the last one was a yellow truck with licorice strips decorating it.
they were always a big hit and yummy.
I have used handmade cut out arrows, and felt train and flags as well.

Show us your stuff
Tile:- TRAVEL family adventure together

This shows just some of the places I have lived in and around Sydney. I have lived in Bondi when I was first married, then I lived in Nowra, then moved to just outside of Liverpool, then we moved back to Coogee.
Its was great when my family visited from Victoria. We would show them around the Blue Mountains, for the beautiful gardens and our favourite thing was the scenic railway.
Then my girls and I would visit Adelaide Zoo it helped them think of it as a holiday rather than all the doctors we came to see for vanessa, my youngest daughter. our favourite exhibit was the monkey's, they girls thought they were funny.
These were just some of the places we lived and visited why living in New South Wales. 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

I have to say that last month was a busy month, what with family and friends as well as family pets.
I have to say that scrapping for me relaxes me and takes the tress away. its my go too spot for just girl time.  ahhh scrapping is forever

Sunday, 27 September 2015

scrap the girls September Challenge
This is my take on this months challenge, I have used lots of colour in the flowers, as they are the favourite colours of my daughters and myself. Jackie the blue flower, ness the purple and myself the green of the leaves.
As you can see I have treasure memories, of when I came home from work and get a cuddle from my girls. I always got a l love you mummy.
This was when we lived in Torch street, Voyager Point, N.S.W the girls were about 4/5 years old at the time, and I Worked at Canterbury Hospital as a medical records clerk.
I have also use the tag LIVE LAUGH LOVE as my journal tag, with bling and a hand crocheted blue flower.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Show Us Your Stuff
September challenge:-
This is when my daughter Jackie and three grandchildren came over for a visit and I made my roast lamb and veggies. As we sat down for tea the three kids were in a grumpy mood, so towards the end of the tea I decided to throw a food fight. We all got into, I throw smash spuds and peas at the kids. Izaak them decided to face plant in his plate, hence the gravy all over his face. Hana had gravy and pea's with the action shot of Aaron with spuds and pea's falling off his face, after he too face planted in his tea.
There was much laughter and cleaning going on after that, it put them all in a good mood. Although they were concerned with the mess. As I started it I just told them everything can be cleaned so don't worry about it. The mess was worth it and with us all helping it didn't take that long to clear it all away.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Scrap the Boy August Challenge
Title: First
This is my take on this months challenge, right from the start I was there, so these are the things that Izaak did when I was around. I've listed all the first time things that Izaak received, song, kiss, bike and first dance and the first flower he gave to his mum.
This is what makes Izaak very special to me, my first grandson is one very special boy, kindness of heart and he loves with all his heart:- His mum. These two are two pea's in a pod.

I have use handmade butterfly and felt flower, and I stamped the hearts on with paint, I used stickles on the ribbon edge and on the bike as well.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Show us your Stuff
August Challenge
 Title: My Nan

This is my nan Margaret Gillespie, she was my dad's mum who lived with us until she passed away.
I can always remember her wearing this outfit with her hat, she was of the old school that older girls wore hats and a dress, and us younger one's in a nice dress and shoe's.
The boys always wore a clean shirt with either shorts or trousers. My mum would often start to cook our roast dinner before going to church. Either mum or nan would leave early to put the finishing touches to our roast lunch.
This is just one memory I have on my nan.
I have used scalloped ribbon, papers and bling, along with some dried flowers and other things that remind me of memories of my nan. Her old fashion house key, her beside clock and flowers, my nan loved flowers.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Scrap the girls july challenge
Title Five for Kids
Here I am at a charity fundraiser for our local hospital children's ward.
In this photo I was strutting my stuff on the catwalk. For my effort I received a bottle of bubbly and a mention on the radio the next day, which I didn't know about until several people asked me "did you go out last night:. I couldn't stop laughing it was so funny. As I work at the hospital and I think I'm the only jean they knew.
This even was held on the night that the local dogs were running. So during the night a little tipsy I decided to take a charity tin and walk around the venue asking the patrons to give for the kids, I think I raise about $40 is was for a very good cause.  There was free taro card readings and also a free photo booth, as you can see my journal tag is rather different. lol my two girl-friends and I made good use of this booth.
A good night all around and money going to a very worthy cause.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Scrap the Boys
Title: Come Dream like there's no tomorrow
This is my grandson using my camera to make short stop movies, Izaak has been doing this since he was five. He actually showed me how my camera worked and how to use the movie button and how to edit the photo's. He is one clever boy, its not the first camera he has shown me how to use.
 I have used photo on photo to give a sliding effect, funny it was nearly the same photo only in the small one Izaak's arm is down great effect though.
I love the colours of the mood board and have used chipboard cogs and birds on a wire, along with flowers, leaves and ribbons.
Show us Your stuff
Title: About a girl
This is a photo taken on  my sister Alice's wedding day.
One of the tradition was that we all three wore than same wedding dress. The first was my sister heather standing next to Alice, Alice then me. The dress was also worn by a niece, a sister to Johnny who was heathers husband. Each of us girl gave a present to the bridesmaids. Alice gave us the gold necklace we were wearing and I gave them a multi-colour umbrella at my wedding. We all wore something old that belong too our nanna Gillespie, something new was a lucky horseshoe or wedding bells that you carried with your bouquet, something blue was a garter with a blue ribbon.
I have hand written the journal as you can see within the frame of the picture.

Friday, 3 July 2015

CSI case 166
Title: Snapshots
This is my daughter Jackie and this is but a snapshot of her life. These were taken at school photo days. The small black and white one was taken at Foon's in Wonthaggi, it was a family photo session.
The white piece of paper is the notification of Jacqueline's birth, it notes her name and where she was bone and the date.
I have journaled all around the outside of the page, detailing several events which she use to enjoy, the afternoon tea's on the porch with friends, the scone's, jam and cream along with the tea cups and saucers that I use to set up for them.
Also, the walks on the beach with the family and our dog at the time Bennie. We use to also have fish and chips on the foreshore. good memories were made and every now and them the memory of those afternoon tea's get relived. good times
The elements I used were stamped butterflies, scalloped lace and ribbon, along with flowers, leaves and a material butterfly.  I used for the architectural element was the locks and key, (thinking outside the box on that one.)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Scrap the girls June challenge
Title: Sisters
This is my take on the mood board for the june challenge.
I have stamped layered the hearts across the page, and 1 used feathered ribbon too drap down the page as well. Of course there is flowers, tags and bling around the page.
This lady is my big  sister heather, she is one special lady, not only did she help raise me as a little girl, even as I was growing up she was always my go to lady. Even after I got married and moved away Heather and Johnny would often come and visit. I love Heather with all my heart and treasure the time we can spend together. We even now, with our own kids having grandbabies we still manage to spend time over coffee or at bingo.  We truly have a special bond. Love you sis. xx

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Csi case no 165
Title: Remember this moment
In memory of Helen
This is Helen the sister of my friend marg. Helen flew out from Canada to attend marg's wedding two years age to Graeme. It was a very special day for two very, very special people.
Early this year, Helen suddenly passed away, marg, Graeme and her other sister flew out to attended Helens beside, lucky they made it in time to say their sweet goodbyes. Marg would often talk to Helen via the phone or facebook. They were very close as only sisters can be.
I have used flowers ,tags with quotes and polka dots as well. As well as that I have used a tag for my journaling, its tucked away under the tag shine on. I like that Helen is wearing a stripped dress which is one of the elements.
This one I did just for marg, with a touch of sadness and love.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Scrap the Boys June Challenge
Tile: AHOY & AHOY 1.

This is my grandson aaron riding on of course the wiggles Big Red Boat. As there was a little girl sitting in the car, aaron decided to have a ride in the big red boat. As you can tell he really enjoyed himself. Before this however, he rode in the Big Red plane. Because the little girl was still there she got to ride around again. When the little girls dad came over he put another $2 in and both the kids change vehicles and rode again. They had a ball. Aaron always tries to get his mum to give him a ride when they have done the shopping, doesn't always work.
As you can see I have used boating elements all over the page, the starfish is where I did my journaling. The title AHOY was cut out in the corrugated paper, giving it a wavey effect.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Csi Case no. 164
Title: Our Family
This is my niece Tina and her husband Scott with their three boys, this was when they were much younger.
Hayden is in the army cadets and following in our family tradition, as tina's uncle James was also in the army, he no longer is.
All three boys love to fish with their dad on their boat and we often see them on facebook with their catches, always with a huge smile on their faces.
I have use many elements of the challenge, robots, clocks, poka dots, stripes and paint, with lots of other things as well. I have journalled their story on the robot card underneath the gate on the left.  Along with cogs and transparent name tags.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Title:- Cherish Kathleen Ryan -AUS

Scrap the Girls May challenge
Title:- Cherish Kathleen Ryan - AUS
This is a picture of my sister Heather (black/white outfit) and eve my sister in law. This was a special bus trip with our local Club, as it was the last trip my brother Bill took, Bill is married to Eve and brother to Heather.
The bus trip took us through Melbourne  which we saw 6-7 hot air balloons floating in the sky, then on to Bendigo and our final destination was beautiful Echuca. This was the first trip I have taken with Heather and Eve it was fantastic, we got to hang out and just enjoy the time together.
We enjoyed some games on the way there, we ate out at places I've never been too, we took and paddle steam boat ride on the PS Canberra for an hour or so, soaking up the sun with a little off shore breeze thrown in, we also waved at the people on the shore.
On the way home, lucky bingo card numbers were read out and the lucky door prize, I won $5 and a Cancer Council thermo travelling cup and lollies.
All in all it was a fantastic weekend.
My handmade light blue ribbon I folded and sewed it into place along with the handmade flower at the top.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Scrap the Boys May challenge
Title: Scouts
This is my grandson Izaak being invested from cubs to Scouts, here he is receiving his book of rules. Everyone was there, mum, fitzy (Stepdad) hana, aaron, me, (nanny) aunty ness and nanny sue (Fitzy's mum). We were all proud and excited for this young man.
Scouts has been really good for him, he just received his first badge, a craft badge it was for tying knots. Apparently fitzy, who himself was a scout, helped him practiced tying these knots, Izaak was so proud for passing. Fantastic job.
For mothers day the scouts camped over in the rooms and set up for a pamper night for the mums and special women in the kids lives. They decorated the rooms and set up tea, coffee and cakes, they served the mums, gave then head rubs, back rubs and waited on then hand and foot.
They were worn out with all the walking around they did, but it was a fun night.
my interpretation of the pound the pavement:
Scouts are always on the move.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

 Csi CC-5
Title: Live 
This is the relay for life funraiser event, it was held at a friends mothers house.
As we have all known someone who suffered from or died from cancer, this was the best way we could help them raise funds. With raffles and games. We also enjoyed dancing and a great BBQ as well.
It was a fancy dress party as you can see we all did our best with the costumes.
Here is my daughter in the blonde wig and I in my silver wig dressed and Lady pompadour,  the other lady is Shannon, and she and her mum were running in the relay for life team.
I have used many elements painted hearts, chipboard dress, flowers, scalloped edges around the photo's and edges. The metal light stand as well
This was a tribute to those women in the team, well done girls.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

csi case no.  163
Title: And so my life begins
This is my big sister Heather. As the title says, we start with Heather as a toddler playing in the veggie garden. 2 representing her age, gotta love the clothes back then.
14 : was when she visited the penguin parade at Phillip Island that was in the early days when you could walk up and touch them. Mind you it wasn't a tourist haven then, so humans had little impact on the birds.
21: that's when my mum and dad presented heather with her 21st Birthday key, that was all the rage back then, and everyone signed it as well.
I have used handmade flowers, scalloped laces, animals, there is a frog in there, butterflies and a bird. I have used paper dollies and lace dollies, a heart with her initial inside, also painted the title chipboard.
The numbers represent Heathers age.
Happy Birthday sis this one's for you.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Csi case 162
Title : I am grody
This is my grandson izaak with his new lego's starwars ship, we gave it to him for christmas. I took him three days to complete, then he pulled it apart and created more items. After he completed them he would bring them out and show us how they worked. Totally amazed at what he created, one clever boy. This was a drawing he did of a robot.

I have used the following elements, die-cut robot from my cricut machine, stensiled glimmermist spots over his body.
Lots of circles in cogs, buttons and the metal clock. The solid black background with the stars, some have been stickled. The one red space station I have used to journal about these photo's.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Show us your stuff april challenge
 Title: Capture the Moment
This is my sister Alice and her oldest daughter Jodie, on her wedding day.
Jodie and Gavin were married in a beautiful park down in Mornington.
Jodie arrived in a horse drawn carriage.
She was a beautiful bride and her father Geoffrey gave her away.
Alice was the mother of the bride she looked relaxed and beautiful in her outfit of soft lavender.
The weather was sunny with just a gentle breeze blowing through the trees.
Afterwards the reception was held in a hotel not for away.
I know my two daughters and I had a great time, the food was good and the music and the champagne kept flowing for my two sisters and I.
We had a great time.
I have used all soft colours as in the mood board in my flowers, ribbons, stickles. Also, the items were the metal of teardrops, the shoes and hanging baubles.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Scrap the Girls april challenge
Title: Grins and Giggles
This is my take on the mood board, with lots of colours and textures.
Hand crotched dollies in different colours, paints on the back ground.
Also some hand made paper flowers, glimmer mist dollies and washi tape.
This is ness in the multi coloured outfit which I made for her, she loved it sooo much that she wore it to death. This colour mood board screamed for me to use this photo. 
 Here she is feed a nanny goat with her sister Jackie looking on. Ness was very brave she wanted to stand there all day and fed the goats and other animals.
When we had my family stay for holidays we would take them somewhere special, at the time we were living in Nowra, NSW.
So off we went to the animal park just outside near Bombordery. So for the wrong spelling.
We strolled around it was sunny to start with we had a picnic lunch, saw some more animals and then we headed for home.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Csi Case no. 161
Title:- Summer Days
This is my sister Heather when she was a baby, toddler and young teen. When it was hot mum would fill up the old metal tub and let her bath in it outside in the sun shine. As she got older she would play outside, love the wicker basket that she is carrying and the way they always wore an apron. Then as she got older she became a brownie, and later a cub leader. Funny how as time goes by people grow and buildings change, but some things just don't change our memories.

I have use the following elements in the page: clocks both stamped and cut outs, with blue and yellow stickled hands. Frames, stripped cut out borders and buildings, stars as well as a flying key. I have also journaled around the large clock about heathers journey through her childhood.
Csi case no 160
Tilte: My Dad

This is about a journey of a different kind, its about a telegram that was sent to my husband who was in the navy and was at sea, when out first born daughter arrived.
I didn't know that my mother in law had sent a telegram to her son, telling him that I had given birth on the 24th of October, 1984 to a little girl. In it she told him the weight, time and length of our baby. As he worked in the office area where all incoming communications arrived, lucky he was not on duty. It had to go through different hands starting with the communications office and then the captain, he soon received it. What I like most is that captain also penned a congratulations note on the telegram.
I have used lots of elements: bling borders, flowers, leaves, chains, chevron washi tape and frames. Also a chipboard heart with the tilte My Dad. This I used paint and stickles on it to make it sparkle.
Nearly lost this to my daughter Jackie as she said "it relates to me and my birth". she will get it later.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

CSI Case file no. 159
My title: Bewitched

Its been awhile, but my first challenge after a year and half break.
These are photo's of my mum and dad with my older brother and sister when they were little. Gotta love the old style photo's.
My dad was thrilled to be a dad, you notice that there's a pipe in the picture, dad use to smoke one. For a long time after he passed away, if I walked down a certain street, I would turn around expecting him to be behind me. Funny how smells can trigger such strong memories. Even now.
The black and white oven mitt represents when my mum use to be a cook at 14years old at the Poowong pub.
With seven kids mum was always cooking something or bottling the fruits we use to grow, we all had a job when we helped her. Memories.
I have use paint dribbled across the page and edges, assortment of bling and embellishments to cover the poem verse in the bottom corner.
I have doodled baby things across the page, as well as scalloped ribbon, flowers and leaves.
Heart chipboard with embossing powder on it.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

This is one of my favourite pages, this shows a younger mum and dad, with my brothers,
david and baby William.
This page was done for a challenge at the time only my computer had a micro-chip fart.
Still it hangs with all the other scrap pages on my kitchen wall.