Wednesday, 4 July 2012

csi no. 26
title:- my siblings

This is my invite to you to come and meet the people who helped shaped me as a young child, Alice is the caring one, that''s why she became a nurse. Heather is the mother of all mothers, great cook, her home made soup is yum, she's worked in so many things.  Being with these two ladies is a big hoot, with lots of laughter and good times. Cheers ladies.
John, was always known as big john, a one eyed st.kilda fan there ever was. we miss u big john.
James was the athlete of the family, probably why he joined the army. He is also very book smart.
Bill, well he always has a smile for anyone, he is smart with computers and good with his hands, that's why he was a motor mechanic. Last but not least david, the strong silent type, he too is book smart and he has been a mechanic,  as well,he has been  a station master and now owns his own businesst Then there's me i'm the youngest of seven, as my mum use to say "this is my baby", why do mum's do this??.
The best thing about all these people are THEY ARE MY FAMILY..

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