Thursday, 2 August 2012

Tcr Palette #121
title:- Play like there's no tomorrow
This is my daughter vanessa on the day that we went to an adventure park in Victoria, we were on holidays at there nanny gillepie's.We were living in Sydney at the time and we didn't get down the nanny's very often. It was a really great day as ness was quite taken with the water boats while her sister jackie liked the doggam cars. The weather was just right a bit overcast with a touch on sun. The girls ate hotdogs, icreams and lollies, we also packed a pinic lunch chicken with salad stuff. After which the girls just ran around like nuts, they couldn't do enough. Thank goodness they fell asleep in the car with minutes of us leaving the park as the sugar overload would have kicked in about then. They had a great day and fun memories, well we have the photo's to prove it.

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