Thursday, 28 January 2016

Show us your Stuff

January Challenge

Title:- Scrapbook retreat

This photo was taken at one of our scrapbook retreats, we stayed in a double storey house in Cowes, Victoria, it was literally 5 minutes from the beach.
There were 7 to 8 ladies sharing the fun together. We would go op shop hopping, finding bargins garlore, often as not sharing amongst ourselves.

We would often visit the local winery to partake in wine, cheese and bickies.
The friendships formed have lasted through the years. Memories are forever remember when we get together to catch up.

I have used many elements stamping the waves, painting, as well as flowers, leaves, cut-outs and handmade flowers as well.
The photo says it all wine and scrapping couldn't get any better than this.

Scrap the boys
January challenge- AARON

I have used a totally different medium for this challenge.

My youngest grandson Aaron is obsessed with trains. When he saw what I was doing his first words were " you doing this for me", to say he was happy is an understatement.

The colours he helped me choose which was used on the train and carriage.
He loved the white smoke coming out of the stack on the engine, told me it looked cool.
In the first photo Aaron loves my swashi tapes very much. The others are him outside raking, playing bob the builder and wearing nannies bunny slippers.

This will now proudly sit on a shelf in his room. Because this is for boys only, on the other side of the photo's are a picture of his mum, older brother and sister.
Scrap the girls
January challenge- Title: Laughter, Love and Fun

These are my to daughter Ness and Jackie, I'm proud of the girls they have become, strong and independant women. Who make me very proud. 

On this special day, Jackie and I had a special mother and daughter moment.

Jackies wedding was filled with much laughter and love.
With the help of a couple of balloons a lot of  jiggling there was much laughter amongst the adults.

Many things made Jackie's Wedding day a special one, the gardens then friends sharing it with us.