Friday, 13 July 2012

tcr palette no. #118
This is my girl friends diane garrett and tina j. (sorry tina I forgot to learn how to spell your last name I'll add it in later) any How"
This was on our weekend scrappin trip at Sunset strip on Phillip Island, we stayed at a two storey house and we shared food, wine and scrapping stuff. We had a competions and calm walks on the beach. Which was 5 minute walk from the house. We are posers, She, di in the red tina in all blue and me with my froggie pj's on. We did this walk a couple of times and boy was it a great weekend. While having a quite time out on the upper deck with a coffee, I saw three to four rabbits, more like hares, down on the lawn. So being a mad scrapper I took out my camera and starting snapping away, little did i know that i would capture two rabbits have a fight. It was amazing. We watch movies and did some serious op shopping for some really great bargins, one being 400 mtres of lace, i shared twon meters with all the girls there, that's what we do, share.    year:- 2011

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  1. I so love this layout Jean, it was a great long weekend with friends and my name is Tina Prosser, it was JURATOWITCH before I was married