Wednesday, 31 October 2012

scrap the boys october challenge
title : Halloween Night
This is my grandson Izaak, he was celebrating Halloween at the Coal Creek Historical Park, Korumburra 2011. They got to handle all sorts of animals snakes, lizards and a baby crocodile. He looks awesome as a goul monster. He also, loves to read the Goosebumps books. Thats why he went as a goul. Are you terrified Yet? is a title of one of the books. The picture on the front is a large spider crawling out of a large glass. scarey indeed.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

TCR Palatte #133
This is me with my brother Bill his wife Evelyn and my sister Heather (L to R)
we are on our way for the day to the Sandown dogs, it was a bus trip with a group of about 25.
It was Bills birthday that day and I sang him happy birthday to him. He just shock his head at me and smiled.  It was a great day and we all had our photo taken with a greyhound as the Wonthaggi Workman's Club sponored a race,, and as they were all members it was only fitting to get snapped with the winning d\og.
I lost,bill and eve won as did heather. It was just great to spend the day with family.

Home and Scrap
Mid week challange
Title: Clever Girl
This is my daughter jackies at 13months old, we were living at journal street nowra. n.s.w. Here she is showing you how she can feed herself. 1, 2, Taa Daa she did it. I luv this challange as it gives me a chance to use all those ribbons that a girly of course except spongebob sqarepants that is. Anyway I have used the ones that my daughter use to watch. Other things I used were left over tags with flowers thrown in.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Scrap The Girls October Challange
 This is my daughter Jackie, she is about 3 1/2 years old when the photo was taken on the porch at our home at 11 Torch street, Voyager Point. N S.W. This was her favourite dress and she would wear it every day to kindy if I would have let her. As you can see she has attitude even at an early age. The second day of kindy I was not allowed to walk her down the road, the kindy was at the end of our street. I had to wait on the porch and watch her walk down, but I was allowed to pick her up.
When things didn't go her way its was always a drama, hence the title Drama Queen.
The elements I have used are:
two different alpas:-  are the large lips and the large star in the corner
two different photo's
the staples I have put on the bow you can hardly see it. I used only one.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Home and Scrapped
october challenge 1. Joise
title :- Celebrate Me
This is my take on the challenge I have used bits of the paper that I cut off the edge along with tags, left over bug button and other bits. The ribbons are of the movies that my grandkids and I have watched and ejnjoyed together, spongebob square pants and tinker bell. This is a picture of me on hoilday at my mums place in victoria, as you can see it was christmas time. I also used left of red bling.  The title celebrate me, I love christmas time, the sharing the get together of family, thats what i celebrate.
CSI No 41.
This is my grandad george and my owm dad James flannigan gillespie this was taken when he was around 13 months old. Don't you lovee the way they dressed the kids back them. Both grandad gillespie and my dad worked in the mines, my dad worked in the Wonthaggi mines, I can always remember his old leather bag and his work boots being at the back door ready for him in the morning.
I have use for the elements something that opens and the gold element the belt buckle. For the crepe, I have used the crepe paper ruffled  and place it at the edge of the photo. For the layering element I have used white paint stamped wwith the ground theme, then with white pearl stickles I have gone over the Outline of the flowers and trellis. For my journalling I have used te coloured woman's dress to hide behind tied with aa multii coloured light green ribbon and to tell of my secret. That being that I have had several old photo's of my dad, when he was a baby and as a young boy, but I didnt tell my brothers or sisters. Until I started scrapping, then I asked them if they had any, only then did I tell my sisters what I had. Its great as my oldest sister Heather was able to tell me where and when the photo's were taken.
Thi is great as my nieces and nephew are getting alot of family history that they did not know of. This is why i scrap, to share my life and adventures and those of my family.

CSI No.40
 Title:- Remember
This is Jackie she was dancing with her cousin John Anthony and her mum me jean ryan. We were  only holiday in Victoria with my family. While down here we had a party and it was held in my brother Bill's shed. We have a BBQ for tea and there was salads, rice dished and lots of nibblely's as well. We werednacing to rock and roll music we had a great time.
I have written a list of the nine things that make me happy. Can you guess what they are ??
I have used a paper that has a large flower on it and used pearl stickles to highlight the petals.
I have made a banner, and a buttlerfly and for the circle elements I have used handmade circle wheeel in and around the flowers. Lastly I have scallope edge the paper around the photo.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

TCR Palette #132
The first  picture if of my mum with her fanily and friend, mum s of the left hand side nearest the flowers. The people are her borther chas and i think  sister anne with their dad on the end. The other man is a family friend.
The next two photo's shows mum with the as she put the girls she use to knock around with, on a float dressed as beauty contestants, the last photo shows them getting ready, its a Hawiian theme, with little guitars and lei's around their necks. Mum said it use to take them months to get ready and they decorated the floats themselves. Afterwards as they got older they would go to the local hall for a dance, mum always said they were grat times.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

csi no.39
title - Grandson
This is my grandson Izaak at just 1 year old. We were going to Cranbourne for a day of shopping and found Pixie photo's there and decided to have Izaak's photo done.
They took several photo's this one and another with a yellow hard hat and trucks. Izaak learnt that if he smiled he would get something to play with, one rubber duck then two. His good mood lasted until after the photo's were taken.
Izaaks life lesson's were:- don't nag your mum because she would get mad and put you on time out on your bed.
If you are really good you get a nice reward, maybe a toy or a piece  of fruit, later on in life a lolly.
Izaak loves playing his guitar, which he hangs on his wall, and he has had 3 buggies
Sam, Dean and Buddy, he also has one dog called spike.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

TCR Palette #130
1941 Chic Fashion

     These photo's are of family members and friends of my mother's. Heather is the one with the trophy and coins and photo of a young man or boy, but you may not be able to see that. This photo was  taken on Mothers day 1941. My mum must have know what this meant. The other photo's were taken with heather on the gate, some where in and round Korumburrra or there abouts, as that's where most of them lived.
      The lady on the grass resting is a good friend. Mum always said that they would ride their bikes everywhere, from Korumbuura to poowong for the dances.They would even ride futher if need be.

     The last photo is a family member Pearl perks, on my mum's mother's side of the family. Don't you just love the hairstyles, the gloves and the clutch purses. Very stylish.
My mum would have been about seventeen at the time these photo's were taken..