Saturday, 28 July 2012

Scrap The Boys July Challenge:-

Title:- IZAAK
This is my grandson Izaak, The first photo is Izaak on the day that they had their school photo's taken, hamsome devil he is, the second photo shows him building blocks into something in the class room. The three little one's show him on the monkey bars, this was because I was dropping him off at school, and he wanted to show me how he does it, and I think to show off which was fine with me. While he was showing me I was telling how I used to come out at little recess and do the same thing, even would you believe it at the same school. The last photo's show Izaak doing his homework and that homework was marked by his teacher the next day. Izaak loves school especially reaading, the computers and the maths programme he does in the class and at home. He is one clever boy and we love him very much and are proud of him.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

This is my mum christina gillespie and my brother john.They are moving into their new home. A two bedroom unit. Notice the garden, it is very bare. Within two months,mum's gladdies flowered and so does her red pancies. Mum always had a lovely garden wherever she lived. There was always a bunch of cut flowers on her kitchen table.. That's haat I remember.

I have used the stensil of the cut out tree to make the inked shadow in the background, this is my take on the challenge.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

title:- my grand-daughters

Here is my mum, christine gillespie with her grand-daughters Jodie Wells and Jackie ryan. This was taken on the night that Jodie celebrated turning twenty-one. There were lots of laughter, dancing, drinking and eating.There was also, friends and family for her boyfriend at the time who was also celebrated his birthday as well. They had beautiful cakes, one colour for her and one for him.It was a great night as everyone got along and danced on the dance floor, both my sisters heather and Alice got on the dance floor to shake their booties.
I have used a chipboard frame painted pink and the base I used to help hold the name daughters. I  also  inked the outer frame black of the smaller flowers and inked and stickle the inner chipboard flowers pink.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

home annd scrapped

This is myself with my sister Heather, this was taken at the Wonthaggi Workmans Club, it was the reunion lunch of the Wonthaggi Borough council Workers both inside and outside workers. Both Heather I and worked at the Council Heather in the Home Help section and myself in the main office, we worked with great people, they taught me alot. Thanks Velia and Jenny. There were pictures all around the walls, of people who have died and how the town has grown, we read old newspapers and remembered, ahh good times. This was the year that Wonthaggi as a town turned 100 years old there were street parades, a garden party at the local hospital, the workmans club also turned 100, the whole town turned out to celebrate, I saw friends that i haven't seen since leaving school, it was a great time to catch up and to see where and what everyone was doing. Happy Birthday Wonthaggi.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


This is me Kathleen Ryan asleep on our couch. My daughter Vanessa is always trying to take a photo of me asleep on the couch. This was taken after I came home from work it  was such a busy day we did'nt stop all day, on this  night and I just changed into the pj's and layed down to watch T.V only as you can see it didn't take long for me to nod off.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

TCR Palette # 119

This is my brother John holding my baby daughter Jackie on the day that she was christened. Jackie was christened at the Wonthaggi Catholic Church in Victoria. She was a good baby through the ceremony. Afterwards, we went back to my sister's  Heathers place and this is where the family photo's were taken in her back yard. All my brother's except james who wasn't there had their pictures taken. Then we went inside so all the boys in the family got photo's taken and then all the girls had photo's taken as well. These are the moments that we remember as special.

Friday, 13 July 2012

csi no.27
Title:- lets hit the!!!
Here I am all ready to start my lesson in roller bladding, my daughter jackie is teaching me. First learn how to stand on said blades, then how to stop, very important then its ago off we went around the streets of North Wonthaggi. This is the first time I was on the road, the first time I tried I ended up wrapped around a pole, my daughter Ness brought out a pillow to put on my bottom, soft landing.
Anyway, as we were going around laughing and talking, we passed some older people, they had a bit of a chuckle when they saw me, anyway, I thought I'm giving it ago, so I did a cheeky thing I poked my tongue at them, and nearly fell in the mean time. I must admitt, it was really fun, and we did this  a couple of times a week, weather permitting.

tcr palette no. #118
This is my girl friends diane garrett and tina j. (sorry tina I forgot to learn how to spell your last name I'll add it in later) any How"
This was on our weekend scrappin trip at Sunset strip on Phillip Island, we stayed at a two storey house and we shared food, wine and scrapping stuff. We had a competions and calm walks on the beach. Which was 5 minute walk from the house. We are posers, She, di in the red tina in all blue and me with my froggie pj's on. We did this walk a couple of times and boy was it a great weekend. While having a quite time out on the upper deck with a coffee, I saw three to four rabbits, more like hares, down on the lawn. So being a mad scrapper I took out my camera and starting snapping away, little did i know that i would capture two rabbits have a fight. It was amazing. We watch movies and did some serious op shopping for some really great bargins, one being 400 mtres of lace, i shared twon meters with all the girls there, that's what we do, share.    year:- 2011

Monday, 9 July 2012

This is my neice Molly on the day that she celebrated turning twenty-one. The party was held at my brother David's home. Her mum Irene is a really great cook and there was plenty of tasty food for everyone. Molly was surrounded by family and friends,  she looked great in her beautiful dress. That dosn't happen to often as she was reminded on that day about that. Her parents had made a picture board of photo's of Molly growing up it was great.  But the best memory I had was the beautiful framed picture that her parents presented to her, david and Irene have great taste. Molly recieved lots of other lovely presents. I know she had a great day. Happy birthday Mol.

Friday, 6 July 2012

TCR Palette #117
Title So Sweet
This is my grandchildren Izzak and Hana, riding the merry-go-round at the Zoo. This picture was so suited to this challenge. The kids had a great day we saw the Zebra's, frogs, butterflies, bugs  and snakes. We also saw elephants, gorilla's and monkey's, Butbest of all we had a pinic in the middle of the zoo. The sound of the animals and people was exciting.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

csi no. 26
title:- my siblings

This is my invite to you to come and meet the people who helped shaped me as a young child, Alice is the caring one, that''s why she became a nurse. Heather is the mother of all mothers, great cook, her home made soup is yum, she's worked in so many things.  Being with these two ladies is a big hoot, with lots of laughter and good times. Cheers ladies.
John, was always known as big john, a one eyed st.kilda fan there ever was. we miss u big john.
James was the athlete of the family, probably why he joined the army. He is also very book smart.
Bill, well he always has a smile for anyone, he is smart with computers and good with his hands, that's why he was a motor mechanic. Last but not least david, the strong silent type, he too is book smart and he has been a mechanic,  as well,he has been  a station master and now owns his own businesst Then there's me i'm the youngest of seven, as my mum use to say "this is my baby", why do mum's do this??.
The best thing about all these people are THEY ARE MY FAMILY..

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Well, here we are another month gone and its the second half of the year already. Which ever way you look at it, its six months until christmas. I must say I have enjoyed showing off my scrapping pages. They are a little glimspe into my past and present. Hope, to bring more wonderful pages to life for all to enjoyed,'so let the journey being'.