Wednesday, 28 March 2012

this is csi no.12 - big fish
This is me kathleen fishing of the rocks at Cape paterson, I was about 14 years old. I day was sunny and my brother and his family were there too. He was teasing me aboput catching any fish. But, look I caught a fish and just look at the size, honestl;y can it be any smaller. BAIT FISH. My brother teased me all day about my big fish.
I have journalled about the magic of the ocean, about how it calms me when its rough. The hot air balloon element is holding my photo cut out Silhouette's. See the string that is attached to the balloons, it is tied around it dream story , and it is held up with the use of a dog collar and sandcastle.
Lots of flowers and the soft sheep wool circle is my soft element.The three star hold the initial of each grand child, the youngest is only now five days old, aaron, these are the stars in my orbit. I have used the words magic and drift in my journalling.
this is march challenge for scrap the girls
The background i have used gesso and the inside of the heart is gesso, white with a touch of pink paint. Pink flower to match the colour of her cake and the little beads to match the sprinkles on her cake. I love working with gesso the texture it gives various with what you do with it.

This was hana's 6th birthday and we celebrated with a party and

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

the is simone's patchwork challenge for challenge heaven
This is my brothers and sisters with their families at a framily day at the park.
We climbed with the kids and we ran with the kids and we had a picnic all together.

this was my take on the patchwork theme.

this the color room #102 challemge
This is jackie and ness with their party masks on. It was nessie's birthday the kids all wore masks.
Ness got a bucket full of surprises, books, a dolly and lots more. for more hit on the link to see more.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

this is csi no.10
title - pretty
This page is about sharing motherhood and going to the firemans ball. Using light and shadow elements to tell the story, satin material for the flower and dress, Light in my life when growing up was my big sister. Heather. for more
 information hit the link

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The colour room palette # 101
title:- Laughter
This was on the scrap retreat we went on at surf beach, Thats me jean/ kathleen walking  on the beach with Di and Tina who you cant see.See my jimmies have frogs on them another girl had cats and another had cows. Notice me laughing this was because we were watching chuch and larry the movie. Something tickled my fancy and I couldnt stop laughing. The cork was from a bottle of wine that we shared at the  Purple Hen winery. great times.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

this is beccs theme challenge
Sweet sixteen birthday

this is jackies sixteenth birthdat cake, shaped like a cd because jackie loves her music. Its finger licking good isn't jackie, she's enjoying this. Lots of laughter , screaming and running they decided to paint everyone with the icing. A memory that jackie and others will remember. Myabe its because i turned  the hose on them.

This is my Kims challenge

kathleen's 21st party

Here I am cutting the cake that my sister Alice made for me. The challenge was to use pastels and neutral tones. To use a handmade candle,  i made mine out of lace and ribbon it has a red tip.

Friday, 9 March 2012

This is my scrap the boys challenge for March
Title:- life is  good -Vroom
This is Tony and Bennie , visiting us in Nowra, N.S.W. We were all going on a holiday to Kingston, Tony's home town. The boys rode their bikes, we travelled in our car, with two small little girls. We spent two weeks together and saw the biggest lobster andother sight seeing places. Tony is the girls god-father and Bennie is a close friend of his. They were typical guys, big toys and lots of noise and dust.
We need the speed
we live for speed
the need for speed     1989
this is heathers sketch challenge for march
title: Works Xmas Lunch 2011

Here we all are having lunch at In-2-Food at Warragul. The girls are all enjoying a great lunch.
Then Diane D. gave us all a certificate relating to our personalities. We all had a great laugh as the awards suited each of the girls. I got the shamrock award.
I've used the sketch but in a xmas theme, I have used stickles on all the extra little add on's to give a bit of sparkle.
This is Kerry's March challenge
24.10.1984 happy birthday
Happy birthday jackie it another year. Here we are with the dog cake that her Aunty Eve made for her. With her sister Ness looking on she cuts her cake. Turning thirteen was great.
\I have kept with the theme, lots of yellow colour, a few flowers, dictionary paper with some birthday wishes thrown in from her mum and sister.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

this is my challenge for the colour room  this month
this is my mum's mum, nana wills in the white cardigan sitting down, with my aunty annie standing. Aunty annie is my mum's eldest sister, this was taken at christmas time and the title Family time together. We would visit every couple of days just to make sure they were okay or they needed anything.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

This is CSI NO.9 BE FREE

This tells my trip to jumping out of a plane and going back down to earth. The peace and quiet, and the thrill I experinced. All the elemnts relate to hot air balloons and songs and birds. That's me coming down with my parachute.  wow what a great day 1st  January,1997. My family was there to watch me come down.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

this is my lastest challenge to csi no.8 ow ow ow
This is my daughter jackie and my mum christina, sharinga cuddle and hair pulling. The expression on mum's face says it all. ow. I was able to use lots of stickles on this page, it would not be a page of mine with some glitter. All the baby elements are what jackie wither had as a toy or what i used when she was a baby.  The thing about this photo is the look and the guiding hand my mumm gives to jackie while she is learning to walk. These are the moments i will remember the most. Lots of laughs and love.