Tuesday, 26 November 2013

TCR Palette #164
These are photo's of my little angel in heaven Miss Bettie, these were taken after she passed away in hospital on the 1st of June 2013. The amazing Heartfelt organisation sent a special person out to take these, its a non-profit organisation. They dressed her, changed her positions and some were black and white others were coloured, through all that time with her they treated her with love and gentleness.

The one with the hat, is what Bettie was wearing when the nurse brought her to me for a cuddle so this is very dear and special to me. I cuddled Bettie for over an hour or more and sat with her and my other grandson for what seemed like ages until I knew what was happening with my daughter.
It was both a happy and sad night. But these and all the other photo's of Bettie will remind me that I have 3 grandchildren and I special angel.
I have used impasto paste with paint added to it and a template to give texture to the flowers, I have used paper punches and weaved and small paper square of the colours that were in Bettie's hat that night. These are the colours for this challenge
I have also used stamping and stickles.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

tcr palette $163
- Santa was Here
This is my two daughters Jackie and Ness in their kindergartens Christmas play when we lived at Voyager Point ,Sydney, they were all dressed as angles and they sang Christmas carols. This was the last year for Jackie as she was off to big school the next year, you can just see her, she's the one standing nearest to the green flower petal. Ness was the second person on her right.  This was a tradition as is having a real Christmas tree and going around xmas eve to see all the Christmas lights, we do this with my daughter Jackie and her 3 children, Izaak, Hana and Aaron, we have done this since they were babies. Aunty ness and I usually go around the night before so that she doesn't miss out either. Sometimes, one of the kids would come with us, its such a joy to see their faces and listen to which lights and houses are the best. These are our family tradition.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

- scrap the boys November challenge -
Title: Gone Fishing
This is my niece's husband scott,, his favourite thing is his new motor boat, he has taken it out heaps since he has got it. Mind you it took two weeks before he got it and didn't we all hear about it on face book, the pictures the specs of the boat, more pictures. Think he should have told his wife he bought it thought before putting it on face, as she was away at the time.
Look at the fishes he has caught, snappers huge one's, then there's the gummy sharks and crayfish. This is his best mate at the moment, so jealous . Scott usually goes out with his 3 boys, dad and best friend. Bet he enjoys just driving his boat around, this is his best friend at the moment.

Monday, 4 November 2013

TCR Palette #162
Title:; ALL GIRL
This is my daughter Jackie's best friend Shannon, we love her. She often changes the colour of her hair, sometimes blue, sometimes pink but, purple is her colour. Often when i'm visiting Jackie we would meet up with Shannon and go to our favourite coffee shop, for scones and bugs and of course hot chocolate and capuccino's.  Notice the cup its coffee. Shannon is very special to us, we just love her and her band of merry men and little princess.
After I completed this layout Shannon told me that she loves butterflies, I truly did not no this when I used the white one in the corner.