Saturday, 29 December 2012

Scrap the Boys
Just Hanging Out
This is my take on the December Challenge.
This is Barfour, a 4th Year Health Information Student, who worked with us at W.G.H for three weeks. He was such a nice guy that he fit in with us really well. I even invitied him to my home for tea with some other friends, it was a great night.
This phot was taken at Christmas time 2010, Barfour dropped in on his was to a job interview, he came to say Hello and to catch up on what he was up to. That was so nice of him.
I have used very non traditional colours, with flowers and a crown, this is to represnet Jesus, the King of the people.

csi no. 51
you are my sunshine
This is my daughter Jackie (in the middle circle) she is 8 months old, as is the other picture of her children.
I have used a family reciept, on how the kids were made,
add 1 female ,jackie
add 1 male jason
then nine months later born Izaak
repeat first two steps
born Hana
then repeat first two steps again
born Aaron.
Jackie's family tradition is to have pixie photo's done for each of the kids at the age of 8 months old.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

csi no.50 - Little Miss
This is Jackie at 8 months old having her pixie poto's taken. A thinker, and smiling alot. I have listed eight thingss about jackie. The embellishments are toys that jackie had as a baby. She's such a cutie, when she's happy.

Friday, 21 December 2012

scrap the girls
december challenge
aqua/white and one neutral colour
"a life lesson"
The life lesson here was for  my daughter jackie at 15 months was to learn how to hand on to her nannies hand and learn to walk together. One step at a time, which  i have journalled about across the page.
The other lesson was to learn to wade in a little swimmy pool all by herself, this was the first time we let her try this, as we were with her the whole time watching. These photo's were taken at our house in Nowra, N.S.W in 1986, just before her little sister was born.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

CSI Case No 49
Merry Xmas

December is very special month for celebrating those that have passed away and their birthdays.
My mum passed away 3rd December,2001, nephew Matthew who has passed away his birthday was the 14th December and my brother John who has also passed away celebrated his birthday on the
23 rd December
This is our family ryan family traditions:-
1. seeing the christmas lights all around Wonthaggi  together on xmas eve.
2. Celebrating loved one's that have passed away in December and their birthdays in this month.
3. Having photo's taken with Santa Claus.
4. Xmas pudding
5. Xmas cake.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Happy birthday ness
We were living at lyndhurst street, wonthaggi at I asked my sisiter in law Eve if she  could make ness a dolphine cake. Ness sent out the birthday invitations for friends and family. On the day we set up the BBQ, streamers and balloons. Then we got all the foodready and Eve delivered the cake. So we waited for everyone to arrive and we started the BBQ, after everyone has eaten we then bring out the cake and sing happy birthday to ness, she then cut the cake everyone got a piece or took it with them, she was very excited to open her presents. It was a great day for her and me.

This is my grand-daughter Hana and myself at xmas time 2010. We love xmas time and one of our family traditions is driving around at night on christmas eve, spotting the houses with lights and decorations. The kids always rate which one they love the best and we often go back two or three times just to admire it. Whether its in Wonthaggi or Warragul.
so far we have only missed 1 christmas time of not seeing the lights together.
I love the fact that it dosnt matter what colours you use christmas is christmas.

Friday, 7 December 2012

TCR Palette #139
title: Daughter of Mine

This is my eldest daughter Jackie, these pictures were taken at the Wildlife Park just outside of Nowra, NSW. We had taken my mum, brother john and neice angela out there for the day. It was overcast,but not to cold and not to hot. Jackie got to pat lots of animals donkies, camels, sheep and a black swan which followed her around because she had food. Once it was all gone, the swan waddled back to the pond. She was very brave and held out her hand with food on it.  last photo shows jackie climbing up the rocks to get herself a drink of water, The year was 1987.