Tuesday, 7 April 2015

CSI Case file no. 159
My title: Bewitched

Its been awhile, but my first challenge after a year and half break.
These are photo's of my mum and dad with my older brother and sister when they were little. Gotta love the old style photo's.
My dad was thrilled to be a dad, you notice that there's a pipe in the picture, dad use to smoke one. For a long time after he passed away, if I walked down a certain street, I would turn around expecting him to be behind me. Funny how smells can trigger such strong memories. Even now.
The black and white oven mitt represents when my mum use to be a cook at 14years old at the Poowong pub.
With seven kids mum was always cooking something or bottling the fruits we use to grow, we all had a job when we helped her. Memories.
I have use paint dribbled across the page and edges, assortment of bling and embellishments to cover the poem verse in the bottom corner.
I have doodled baby things across the page, as well as scalloped ribbon, flowers and leaves.
Heart chipboard with embossing powder on it.

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