Thursday, 17 September 2015

Show Us Your Stuff
September challenge:-
This is when my daughter Jackie and three grandchildren came over for a visit and I made my roast lamb and veggies. As we sat down for tea the three kids were in a grumpy mood, so towards the end of the tea I decided to throw a food fight. We all got into, I throw smash spuds and peas at the kids. Izaak them decided to face plant in his plate, hence the gravy all over his face. Hana had gravy and pea's with the action shot of Aaron with spuds and pea's falling off his face, after he too face planted in his tea.
There was much laughter and cleaning going on after that, it put them all in a good mood. Although they were concerned with the mess. As I started it I just told them everything can be cleaned so don't worry about it. The mess was worth it and with us all helping it didn't take that long to clear it all away.


  1. Well that is certainly one way to "ungrumpy" someone, lol, very brave move by you. A great memory for you all to remember and you've done that here with your layout. Thanks for joining us at SUYS.

  2. Haha you must be the coolest nanny about...that is certainly a quick way to get rid of the grump! Fabulous layout to document the moment. Thanks for joining us over @ SUYS this month :)

  3. Hehe. I can imagine the look on the kids' faces when you threw that first handful. What a fantastic memory to scrap. Love your action shot. Thanks for playing along with us at SUYS :)