Thursday, 26 November 2015

Scrap the Boys
Title:- His smile says it all
What can I say these are our birthday photo's of my grandson Aaron.
We just know that every time its birthday cake time, that Aaron would do one of two things,
1. He would eat it with his hands, don't worry about the mess,
2. He would face plant his face in his cake, which would make us all groan and laugh.
the last two cakes were made by my daughter Jackie, the first computer keyboard was made by my nephews wife and he made the mouse, which as you can see he loved eating.
The others were green and yellow leggo blocks, and the last one was a yellow truck with licorice strips decorating it.
they were always a big hit and yummy.
I have used handmade cut out arrows, and felt train and flags as well.



  1. Lovely smile !!...and a great take on the challenge !!....I love the little train....Have a nice day..

  2. He definitely looks happy with himself. Fabulous take on the challenge, thanks for p;laying along with STB.