Wednesday, 13 May 2015

csi case no.  163
Title: And so my life begins
This is my big sister Heather. As the title says, we start with Heather as a toddler playing in the veggie garden. 2 representing her age, gotta love the clothes back then.
14 : was when she visited the penguin parade at Phillip Island that was in the early days when you could walk up and touch them. Mind you it wasn't a tourist haven then, so humans had little impact on the birds.
21: that's when my mum and dad presented heather with her 21st Birthday key, that was all the rage back then, and everyone signed it as well.
I have used handmade flowers, scalloped laces, animals, there is a frog in there, butterflies and a bird. I have used paper dollies and lace dollies, a heart with her initial inside, also painted the title chipboard.
The numbers represent Heathers age.
Happy Birthday sis this one's for you.

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