Tuesday, 26 November 2013

TCR Palette #164
These are photo's of my little angel in heaven Miss Bettie, these were taken after she passed away in hospital on the 1st of June 2013. The amazing Heartfelt organisation sent a special person out to take these, its a non-profit organisation. They dressed her, changed her positions and some were black and white others were coloured, through all that time with her they treated her with love and gentleness.

The one with the hat, is what Bettie was wearing when the nurse brought her to me for a cuddle so this is very dear and special to me. I cuddled Bettie for over an hour or more and sat with her and my other grandson for what seemed like ages until I knew what was happening with my daughter.
It was both a happy and sad night. But these and all the other photo's of Bettie will remind me that I have 3 grandchildren and I special angel.
I have used impasto paste with paint added to it and a template to give texture to the flowers, I have used paper punches and weaved and small paper square of the colours that were in Bettie's hat that night. These are the colours for this challenge
I have also used stamping and stickles.

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