Thursday, 24 October 2013

Show Us Your Stuff  Octobeer Challenge
Title:- Family Memories
The day was of my sister Alice's Surprise 60th Birthday party. Her daughter in law through a surprise birthday for her, she didn't know that her family and friends had gathered at their house. When she walked in we were each pointed at and we only said a few words that we knew Alice would guess who we were. 
She was so surprised as she was blindfolded until she came into the house, Alice didnt know where she was, it was a scream to see her reaction when she took off the blindfold. To say she was shocked was an understatement.
Our daughters always get a photo of us sister's together, the joke between them is they always get us with wine glasses in our hands or in front of us on the bench. 

I have used a sunburst star and arrow to point to us sisters, The multiple photo's is of us sisters at Alice's surprise 60th birthday party.

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  1. What a fun layout and great story Kathleen. Thanks for playing at SUYS x