Saturday, 23 November 2013

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- Santa was Here
This is my two daughters Jackie and Ness in their kindergartens Christmas play when we lived at Voyager Point ,Sydney, they were all dressed as angles and they sang Christmas carols. This was the last year for Jackie as she was off to big school the next year, you can just see her, she's the one standing nearest to the green flower petal. Ness was the second person on her right.  This was a tradition as is having a real Christmas tree and going around xmas eve to see all the Christmas lights, we do this with my daughter Jackie and her 3 children, Izaak, Hana and Aaron, we have done this since they were babies. Aunty ness and I usually go around the night before so that she doesn't miss out either. Sometimes, one of the kids would come with us, its such a joy to see their faces and listen to which lights and houses are the best. These are our family tradition.

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