Saturday, 9 February 2013

csi no. 57 Day of The Tallships
This is my mum and brother john with my nephew john anthony who is not in the photo,on holiday in Sdyney. We were living in Voyager Point, N.,S.W. While they were here the tallships sailed into Sydney Harbour, we were there to see them sail in. Then on the day that they sailed out of Sydney we got up early 5.30am, packed a pinic lunch drinks and snacks, we then all got into our station wagon and drove to H.M.A.S Watson, the naval base on the heads of Sydney Harour. When there we selected a spot near the fence with a bit of shade. Then my day was taken up with making sure that my family were fed, hydrated and my two little girls had a sleep or two. Then after we watched the last of the sailboats sail out of the harbour, we waited for another hour or two then packing everyone back into the station wagon and heading home again. Everyone had a great day something we will never see again in our lifetime. The year was about 1985.

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