Friday, 12 July 2013

Well this is my first scrap page i've done in a couple of months, what with moving my daughter and myself into a new home, then moving my daughter and her three children into a new home. Then loosing my newest grnaddaughter within half an hour of her being born, I can say that the last three or four months has been rough. But after scrapping a page of Bettie, I got the urge to start scrapping again. This picture is of my two daughters swimming in their pool at home, they love the water. While their dad was in the navy, we would mark on the atlas where the ship was sailing, and all the places that he visited while he was away. They found this fun, so when we got a letter from him, we would mark it on the map. I have used the bubble effect for the photo's to represent the the cushions in the picture. A map of the world, the bird element was the pirate owl, and the fish element, was the orca whale. I have journalled on a scroll to represent a treasure map. This is my challenge.

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