Sunday, 10 March 2013

csi no.61 Title - Mum's Family This is my mum's family, her brother Chas, who lived in perth with his wife aunty minnie, niece louise, my aunty anne's daughter and her mum Nanna Wills. Who lived with my aunty annie until her death. I use to love the stories she would tell, i would keep then as my memory of her, i certainly do not miss the clip across the ears if i was cheeky,from her. I would always know where she was, in case i slipped up and give cheeek to my mum. Sadly Louise later died of cancer and aunty annie nursed her for the last few months of her life. We use to say that mum and aunty annie were twins, even though they weren't, because they look so mcuk alike. This is a tribute to them all. My Mum's Family

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