Wednesday, 3 October 2012

TCR Palette #130
1941 Chic Fashion

     These photo's are of family members and friends of my mother's. Heather is the one with the trophy and coins and photo of a young man or boy, but you may not be able to see that. This photo was  taken on Mothers day 1941. My mum must have know what this meant. The other photo's were taken with heather on the gate, some where in and round Korumburrra or there abouts, as that's where most of them lived.
      The lady on the grass resting is a good friend. Mum always said that they would ride their bikes everywhere, from Korumbuura to poowong for the dances.They would even ride futher if need be.

     The last photo is a family member Pearl perks, on my mum's mother's side of the family. Don't you just love the hairstyles, the gloves and the clutch purses. Very stylish.
My mum would have been about seventeen at the time these photo's were taken..

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