Sunday, 7 October 2012

csi no.39
title - Grandson
This is my grandson Izaak at just 1 year old. We were going to Cranbourne for a day of shopping and found Pixie photo's there and decided to have Izaak's photo done.
They took several photo's this one and another with a yellow hard hat and trucks. Izaak learnt that if he smiled he would get something to play with, one rubber duck then two. His good mood lasted until after the photo's were taken.
Izaaks life lesson's were:- don't nag your mum because she would get mad and put you on time out on your bed.
If you are really good you get a nice reward, maybe a toy or a piece  of fruit, later on in life a lolly.
Izaak loves playing his guitar, which he hangs on his wall, and he has had 3 buggies
Sam, Dean and Buddy, he also has one dog called spike.

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