Saturday, 20 October 2012

CSI No 41.
This is my grandad george and my owm dad James flannigan gillespie this was taken when he was around 13 months old. Don't you lovee the way they dressed the kids back them. Both grandad gillespie and my dad worked in the mines, my dad worked in the Wonthaggi mines, I can always remember his old leather bag and his work boots being at the back door ready for him in the morning.
I have use for the elements something that opens and the gold element the belt buckle. For the crepe, I have used the crepe paper ruffled  and place it at the edge of the photo. For the layering element I have used white paint stamped wwith the ground theme, then with white pearl stickles I have gone over the Outline of the flowers and trellis. For my journalling I have used te coloured woman's dress to hide behind tied with aa multii coloured light green ribbon and to tell of my secret. That being that I have had several old photo's of my dad, when he was a baby and as a young boy, but I didnt tell my brothers or sisters. Until I started scrapping, then I asked them if they had any, only then did I tell my sisters what I had. Its great as my oldest sister Heather was able to tell me where and when the photo's were taken.
Thi is great as my nieces and nephew are getting alot of family history that they did not know of. This is why i scrap, to share my life and adventures and those of my family.

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