Thursday, 13 September 2012

scrap the girls september challenge
Title: Grandparents Day
This was the day that I got to spend with my grand-daughter Hana at the Wonthagg Coal Mine Park. As this was grandparents day for the prepy's at her school. We got to walk around for an  hour or two crossing of names on a list of things that we had to find. We had to find how many hammers, hard hats and the colour, picks, windmills and how many brown hens in he chook house.  After,  we went down to the train to wait to get on it to go down into the mine. We put a hair nets and hard hats, we were told the rules of the train and down we go. It got veery cold down in the mne, each of the kids got a piece of brown coal to take with them. When we got to the top again it was time to have lunch and play for a while. Some of the kids were rolling down the hill it looked like fun so i gave Hana my bag and I rolled down the hill. The kids thought it was a hoot and one of the mum's said she wished she had her camera out. But I just laughed and said it was fun and why should the kids have all the fun. It started to rain really heavy and some grandparents, me included decided it was enough for one day and took our grandkids home.
This was our action packed day tiring but fun.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day! Love your grungy layout and thank you for joining in with us at Scrap The Girls :)

  2. Oh it does sound like a wonderful day! Thanks for playing along at STG :)