Saturday, 1 September 2012

csi case no 33
csi case no 33 -Love to vacation
This is my mum,brother, nieces and nephew on vacation in Sydney with me and my partner. He was in the navy and manage to borrow a runabout so we could take the family on a tour of the Syndey habour area. We started off at Rushcuttle Bay we went passed the Sydney Opera House, then passed the navy base and them finally passed Dole's restuarant. They had the best time, but we still laugh about how they could get nan in the boat, my nephew didn't know where to put his hands, so he took a deep breath and shoved nan's butt. Mum was a good sport about this. Afterwards, we went back to the Opera house and walked around, they got the best views onland and off, it made their holiday my ex was the best guide ever, as he grew up in and around Sydney.
I have made a sailing ship with sails out of the photo's at each of the sights we went to. I have used gesso for the water and stamped dolphins on the transparent sheet, which I used as the glass, over the framed photo's, and smugges of shawdows of clouds near the sails. I have used tiny flowers to form the puffs of clouds up the top, the frame I have used a brick type pattern. The journalling I have tried to use a triangle shape down the side and last I have stapmed skulls which pirates used on the flags for another nautical element

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