Wednesday, 28 March 2012

this is csi no.12 - big fish
This is me kathleen fishing of the rocks at Cape paterson, I was about 14 years old. I day was sunny and my brother and his family were there too. He was teasing me aboput catching any fish. But, look I caught a fish and just look at the size, honestl;y can it be any smaller. BAIT FISH. My brother teased me all day about my big fish.
I have journalled about the magic of the ocean, about how it calms me when its rough. The hot air balloon element is holding my photo cut out Silhouette's. See the string that is attached to the balloons, it is tied around it dream story , and it is held up with the use of a dog collar and sandcastle.
Lots of flowers and the soft sheep wool circle is my soft element.The three star hold the initial of each grand child, the youngest is only now five days old, aaron, these are the stars in my orbit. I have used the words magic and drift in my journalling.

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